The Power of Colour in Your Packaging Design

Packaging design is about much more than just providing protection for your product. Instead, your product packaging is what sells your product to shoppers walking by. Great packaging will reflect your brand, appeal to your target audience and add product value. It plays an essential role in a customer’s unboxing experience and with creative design, can create a lasting impression of your brand.

Therefore, when choosing the colours for your packaging design, take the time to consider your options.

Choosing Your Colour Palette

The colour of your packaging design will be influential in communicating your brand message. Therefore, as well as considering what each colour represents, think of your audience too. Different colours can appeal to different audiences, based on their age, gender, lifestyle and interests.

For example, many makeup brands choose pink as it signifies femininity and beauty. This could work perfectly for a younger audience looking for budget friendly beauty. However, older audiences looking for something more mature and luxurious may gravitate more towards black packaging.

See below your colour options:

  • Black: Luxury, authority, power, elegance
  • Blue: Trust, strength, professionality, unity
  • Green: Fresh, natural, health, peace
  • Gold/Silver: Quality, luxury, sophistication
  • Orange: Fun, friendly, happy, adventure
  • Pink: Warmth, hope, comfort
  • Purple: Creative, intelligent, imaginative
  • Red: Urgency, excitement, energy, passion
  • White: Cleanliness, balance, sophistication, calm
  • Yellow: Optimistic, happy, warmth, clarity

Benefits of Colour Communication

After choosing your colour palette, your product packaging can be great for branding. Firstly, creating an imaginative packaging design will help to market your product. By increasing product appeal to your target audience, packaging can influence purchasing decisions. With so much competition on shop shelves, this is a great way to make your product scream “choose me”.

Secondly, picturesque product packaging can tempt social media savvy customers to upload a photo to their feeds. This will provide free exposure for brand awareness, across your target market.

Colour can also communicate your brand message much quicker than words. This can be especially beneficial during quick purchases, when there is no time to research your options. For example, green packaging for food can connote fresh, healthy produce grown organically. Thereby making it more visually appealing over competitor products.

More Information on Packaging Design

At The Packaging Experts, our branding is blue to represent our reliable service. Our team specialise in packaging design and production, with added expertise in sales and marketing. We are here to guide you in creating something supportive of your brand, with audience appeal.

To enquire about packaging design or to find the right colours to represent your brand, get in touch today on 01256 352415

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