What do people want from your packaging design?

Packaging is so much more than a functional requirement of a sale or transaction. It is a basic component of the overall product, but it is also a massive opportunity to influence. For your product to be a success it needs to be what the customer wants, at the right price, and it has to be something they decide that they need. Few companies aim at one – off purchases, and the holy grail for most of us is the repeat order. Consequently, our products need to be better than the rest in order to secure future repeat sales and customer loyalty. So in this particularly complicated business, where does packaging come in?

Firstly, any company with the will to succeed will want to know its customer profile. It may be something that you want to widen, but it needs to be known and understood. Are your customers middle aged women, young men, parents with demanding children? Are you happy with the existing customer base or do you want to appeal to a wider audience? If you know who your customers are (or who you want them to be) then your packaging can be tailored accordingly. Women wanting something special will pay more attention to luxurious packaging with standout features. Interesting materials, colours, textures and embossing are a necessity in this case. Men wanting something reliable but at low cost will want functional, secure packaging, that has little impact on the cost of the overall sale. If you know your customers, you can begin to build on that knowledge successfully.

In packaging design, it often pays to be both brave and inspirational and these two things also come together with great results. Making your packaging a point of difference with your competitors is one of the single most effective things you can do, and if it also inspires the customer then it will almost certainly lead to increased sales. If you are not sure whether your brave new ideas will work, then take a smaller risk first. Test out the packaging with some loyal customers, or test as a pilot, with limited numbers.

Looking at the little details in packaging can pay big rewards. Customers do notice small, but interesting features such as hints, tips, jokes or some personalisation. Many of these details are not expensive to produce and will increase engagement and appeal. If a connection is made, then you are on your way to forming a relationship with the customer, and this is key to your continued success.

Finally, packaging works at its best when it makes an appeal, and appealing to the senses is one very powerful way to do this, whether it is overt, or unconscious. The easiest way of making this kind of appeal is through the sense of touch the packaging can offer, but you can be adventurous with fragrance too.

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