Why Choose Cardboard as a Packaging Material?

Whether you need innovative packaging to showcase your brand at an event or something that will make your products stand out on the retail shelf, the choices you make about your packaging material and design may ultimately influence your success.

Today, packaging choice is a big talking point as consumers become more aware of the impact non-recyclable materials are having on the environment and increasing numbers of businesses fall short of complying with the government’s Packaging Waste Regulations. In short, there is more demand for packaging which can be recycled and reused and less tolerance of plastic waste.

Another issue we are dealing with is the decreasing attention span of the consumer. Thanks to increasing internet speeds, deliveries within the hour and a growing dependence on mobile technology, we have all become accustomed to expecting thing instantly. This means when browsing the shelves or shopping online we give ourselves less time to make purchasing decisions. Eye catching, unique or unusual packaging may therefore enjoy more attention.

When you’re looking for a sustainable, versatile packaging material, cardboard ticks all the boxes and here’s why:

  • Cardboard is versatile – there are many different box styles and shapes to choose from and you can tailor with your branding, logo, images and even embossing. Cardboard packaging can be designed to look very simple or up-scaled to meet the needs of the luxury market, the choice is yours.
  • Cardboard is recyclable – if you are looking to appeal to an audience that is concerned about environmental issues, using a packaging material that can be recycled or reused will give you the edge over competitors.
  • Cardboard is cost effective – compared to other materials, cardboard offers an inexpensive solution, particularly if you require larger quantities. Request a quote from us today to find out how cost effective cardboard can be!
  • Cardboard is practical – when you need to store packaged items or stack them on a shelf, unusual shapes can be difficult to arrange and take up a lot of space. Cardboard box packaging, on the other hand is very easy to store and stack, saving you vital space in store rooms and for transportation purposes.

If we haven’t convinced you enough of the values of cardboard packaging why not take a look at our portfolio to see what might be possible for your brand?

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