Why Christmas Gets Us Excited About High End Packaging

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for marketers, as it allows us to be creative with your seasonal campaigns.

One of the best elements of Christmas is giving and receiving gorgeously wrapped presents. Therefore, many marketers choose to mimic this in their own PR campaigns.

Gifting customers and influencers with Christmas themed packaging allows your brand to shine on a more relatable and exciting level, making it easier to connect with your audience. It also gives marketers the chance to explore more luxury looks and feels, to truly present your brand in the best possible light, because if you can’t be extravagant at Christmas, when can you?

These are three key trends that have got us excited about high end packaging this Christmas:

  1. Advent Calendars

Nothing makes Christmas more exciting than having your own personal countdown. Many high end brands at this time of year stock extravagant advent calendars for consumers to enjoy throughout December. Modern advent calendars can now feature anything, from chocolate and alcohol to perfume, makeup and even cheese!

But it’s not just what’s behind those tiny countdown doors, it’s about the calendar itself. Delicately designed packaging, incorporating different sides of the festive season all contribute to the excitement. For example, some brands opt for traditional hand drawings of homes in the snow for that cosy, winter feel, whilst others will feature Christmas trees to ease their branding colours into the design.

As each day in December passes by, your consumers will be reminded of your brand. Advent calendars are also perfect for interesting social media influencers, who can update their followers on what’s behind each door every day. This gives shoppers a chance to have a taste of your brand before they make a larger purchase.

  1. Sleek Designs

Gone are the days of tacky Christmas décor. Many high-end brands want to represent their high-end values in a luxurious and classic design – something that will look clean and pristine, yet festive, in their homes.

Allow your design team to focus on creating a lovable and minimal design that represents both Christmas and your brand. So look past gimmicky illustrations and focus on simplicity, with elements that will really elevate your product.

  1. Finishing Touches

To completement your sleek and simple Christmas design, you want your finishing touches to be your key feature. Mimic the feel of Christmas morning with packaging finished with a bow to untie, or incorporate small metallic colours into your design for a more luxurious appeal!

But as well as high-quality finishing touches, why not add a free gift during the season of giving? Whether it is a discount code, chocolate, or home accessory or catalogue – all will be appreciated by your consumers.

Make the most of the Christmas holidays to create magical campaigns to captivate your audience. While designing, remember to reflect your brand story and vision, include mini extras and personalise it to your target shopper.

So finish the year with a bang by launching innovative designs to say thank you to your customers for another year!

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