Creative Packaging Design Ideas for 2019

There are four key elements to packaging: attraction, branding, detail and functionality. Packaging design needs to be creative enough to attract customers and encourage them to complete a purchase. Throughout the design, your branding should be consistent and it should detail all of the relevant information. The functionality of the design should make it durable during shipping and practical enough for collectable storage.

Therefore, many marketers believe packaging design is just as important as the product itself. In 2019 allow your design team to reflect on your current packaging design and how you can adapt it to the latest design trends to appeal to a modern audience.


Working on a blank canvas to produce a promotional piece in the most minimal way possible is a great challenge for many designers. Minimalistic design enforces greater creativity for more innovative work. It also removes unnecessary clutter to make more important elements pronounced and accurately portrays what your brand is really about.

Minimalistic packaging design in 2019 is all about letting colour do the talking. This year designers will focus on creating clean and simple designs with vivid colours for a stronger aesthetic.

Colourful Gradients

Another way to use colour to strengthen a simple design is using brightly coloured gradients. As well as adding depth and dimension to packaging design, gradients really stand out in digital formats.

It’s also not just one tone gradients transitioning from colour to white that you have to stick to. Create sunset vibes with pinks, reds and oranges or nocturnal feels with greens, blues and purples.

Nude Tones

Across all areas of design, nude tones have become increasingly popular. While many consider a nude palette to be restricting, we strongly disagree.

Just like minimalistic design, a nude palette offers opportunity for greater creativity. Using a variation of techniques and arrangements, a nude palette can easily create show-stopping, modern designs. Consider a range of peach and rosy undertones followed by beige and brown hues.


Hand drawings are appearing on more designs, as we continue with the minimalist approach. Flat designs offer simplicity and uniqueness on packaging, which can easily be incorporated with your branding.

Illustrations also make it a lot easier to tell a story, something you cannot capture in a photograph. Each element can then be drawn to your brand’s preferred style, making it easier to convey abstract ideas.

Environmentally Friendly

Concern for the environment is ever growing, particularly with the use of plastic. Companies are seeing a demand for plastic free packaging as the material cannot decompose in landfills. Over 8 million tonnes of plastic are being discarded in our seas every year, putting sea life at risk. It has been estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

Every day we are seeing shoppers moving away from plastic packaging brands, in search for an environmentally friendly alternative. Introducing recyclable, cardboard packaging demonstrates attractive company morals and gives your brand a competitive advantage. Today, your packaging material really could be the difference in a shopper picking up your product.

Starting Your Project

After seeing the trends for packaging designs in 2019, allow your team to get started. Remember to consider your audience with each sketch and to remain minimalistic with your designs.

With industry experience in design, production, sale and marketing our team are here to help at every stage. For high quality, professional packaging and creative designs get in touch today to get started on your project.

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