How to add value to your products with bespoke packaging

It is said that most purchasing decisions are made within thirty seconds. We think that might even be generous, as when you factor in the speed that we all seem to be living our lives at these days, half a minute is often more than enough time to choose the product we want. With this speed in mind, how will you attract people to buy your product or visit your exhibition stand?

Packaging may be your greatest weapon.

In particular, bespoke packaging – and by that we mean packaging that is created uniquely for you and your product and which may be outside of the usual FEFCO standards for corrugated packaging based on how many packages can fit inside a shipping crate.

5 ways bespoke packaging can add value to your brand

  • It differentiates your brand – you can stand out from the crowd by incorporating more unusual features into your packaging such as scents, textures, sounds and video screens
  • It becomes useful in its own right – perhaps your packaging can be designed to be reused so it has a value beyond protecting and promoting the product. The longer your packaging stays around being useful to someone, the longer they are exposed to your brand!
  • It helps people to make a decision at the point of purchase. As we said earlier, you only have a short time in which to influence someone to pick up your product or choose your brand, so make your packaging stands out and adds value and you’ll have some serious sway.
  • It protects your product – this might be more of a practical issue but it will also give people a positive impression of your brand – because you care enough to create packaging that gives sufficient protection during transit and you’ve also considered how practical it will be to store the item once they get home.
  • It gives you access to a captive audience – if someone picks up your product from the shelf or is handed your product at an exhibition, they are effectively a captive audience, so make sure you use that space on the outside and inside of your packaging to communicate the positive things you want to say about your brand.

Our bespoke packaging is designed to your exact brief. We don’t stock unprinted boxes and then just add your logo, everything we create is done with your budget, usage, preferred materials and target audience in mind. Speak to our experts today on 01256 352415 about starting your packaging journey.


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