Creative Packaging Ideas for 2017

Happy New Year! With a fresh start ahead of us new trends and innovations will shape consumer needs, and the challenges that come with them. Brand-owners will need to think about how to use their packaging design to tap into these trends and innovations, whilst creating a deeper branded experience for consumers.

Here are some of the top packaging trends expected in 2017, which aim to reach out to people on a more personal level.

Let your packaging design tell a story

As consumers we love stories. We love a story which we can emotionally relate to, helping us to feel more closely connected with the storyteller. Packaging design will look to its illustration to tell a story about both the product and the brand. Things like content-driven illustration and custom lettering, will help brands craft the right tone and sense of place for their products, and immerse the consumer in their creative visions.

Interactive die cutting

Although packaging is there to cover and protect a product, the packaging of today is also here to show products to the best advantage. This means that techniques such as die cutting are becoming more popular, since it allows you to create cleverly constructed windows in your packaging. Cut out sections in the shape of a logo, or a meaningful outline, will help your product to stand out and initiate engagement with the buyer.

Back to basics

In 2017 think clean. As we are bombarded with more and more options when we shop, trends will turn to packaging that’s clear, simple and easy to distinguish. Here are some tips to make your packaging basic yet of a premium feel:

  • Keep your packaging design minimal and only convey what’s necessary to help your buyers make an informed choice. Using a clean, bold design will make an impact on the shelf and let your product speak for itself.
  • A minimal design can be made exciting with a vibrant use of colour. A bright colour may help shoppers to remember your product, and used well colour can be more effective for your branding than the wording you use.
  • Another trend that can lift a minimal design and elevate a product is a repeated pattern. A simple shape can be repeated to become a striking design which says a lot about your product and brand identity.

Creating nostalgia

Vintage design connecting us to times gone by is increasingly popular in modern packaging. Brands that help to bring back memories for people create a more wholesome, nostalgic image which they may better relate to. However vintage design is also appealing to newer generations inspired by older trends. Combine vintage with clean, modern elements to keep your packaging up-to-date.

Social packaging

Remember Coca-Cola’s packaging which had people’s names printed on each bottle? Coca-Cola created a more social form of packaging on a mass scale. It made people feel special and more personally connected with the brand. Coca-Cola’s packaging was driven by its consumers, and this will be a trend which continues on through 2017. How can your packaging be adapted to help people express their individuality? Although this would be challenging on a large scale, perhaps you could design a limited edition packaging which responds to what your market is doing, talking about and looking for. It’s about using your packaging as a way to better communicate your product and brand, whilst sparking a conversation with consumers.

If you want to take on some of these packaging design trends this year or you’d like to discuss your ideas, then give The Packaging Experts a call. We can help you develop a bespoke range of impressive packaging to perfectly showcase your products and give your customers something truly unique. Contact us on 01256 352415, or email for more information.

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