Is your Packaging Retail Ready for the Modern Consumer?

Retail packaging can mean many things, from the wrapping of the inner product to the outer shipping carton. Whilst all are important, one element has overall priority when it comes to increasing sales – the packaging that consumers will see sitting on the shelf.

When designing that packaging to enable your product to stand out and catch the eye of the consumer, there are so many factors to consider and as the times change, so too do the trends and expectations of purchasers. Thanks to our vast experience of creating cardboard retail packaging for a wide range of clients and products, we’ve got plenty of advice to share, so here are our top tips to ensure your packaging is retail ready for today’s consumer.

Retail Packaging Design Tips

If you want to attract the modern consumer, you’ll need to incorporate the latest trends but also stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Personalisation – we’ve all seen the big brands take advantage of this, but it is important not to personalise your packaging just for the sake of it. Remember that it can be expensive and time consuming, so if you’re not sure what the impact will be it may be better left to the big brands. Or, you could trial a small print run of personalised packaging for a particular target market – such as the people you meet at an exhibition, trade fair or event. Monitor their response and ask them for feedback, then you’ll know whether it’s worth rolling out to a wider audience.
  • Go retro – there have been a lot of examples over the last twelve months or so of brands harking back to the ‘good old days’ and creating packaging that delivers nostalgia. This is really clever as it makes consumers recall the good times of the past but it can also be good for your design team too, as often these retro designs are simple and stripped back.
  • De cluttering – there’s nothing wrong with your retail packaging being simple. Just because it is designed to be seen in a retail environment, doesn’t mean it will get lost on the shelf because it features simple colours, elements, wording and detail. It’s a general trend nowadays to cut back on the clutter and present simple messages that can be easily and quickly understood. Simplicity could be the key to cutting through the crowd and standing up for your brand’s beliefs.
  • Look handmade – we’re in the ‘craft’ beer age, where the handmade look sells. However, with many of the big brands jumping on the bandwagon, the value of uniqueness is becoming somewhat diluted. If making your packaging look handcrafted is important to your brand then do it in a personal way that tells your story. Tell people the truth behind your product and what makes it unique and you will stand out from the crowd.
  • A little luxury – just because you don’t consider your product to be ‘premium’ doesn’t mean you can’t take care and attention over your packaging. We’ve seen elements of luxury packaging working their way down to everyday brands, so by all means take some ideas from premium retail packaging, such as adding texture and giving your packaging a purpose beyond protecting the product and informing the consumer.

A final thought before we go…

Think about whether you need your packaging to be shelf ready or screen ready too. Will you need your packaging to appeal online consumers as well and be designed with ecommerce in mind?

Whatever your requirements for retail packaging, speak to The Packaging Experts today on 01256 352415 or click here to request a quotation.


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