Why packaging is as important as product

Retail is a fiercely competitive market where consumers have a wide variety of options and price ranges for most essential and non-essential items.

Therefore, it is important for businesses selling their products to stand out from the crowd, meaning that effective packaging can be just as essential to driving sales as the product itself.

Here we look at a few of the key reasons why good product packaging can help to encourage purchases, elevate a brand and promote lasting engagement.


Brand recognition is just as essential now as it always has been, so packaging will always be as important as your product when it comes to creating a lasting connection with consumers. Ensuring that familiar brand assets such as logo and colour scheme are projected is an important factor that can be effectively addressed through high quality packaging design.

Similarly, the look and feel of your product packaging is always likely to resonate with new and existing customers, so retaining that sense of style and quality throughout your range is also important to shoppers who are invested in your product and your brand.


Effective packaging plays an essential role in showcasing and promoting a product through illustration and display of its content. So if a packaging range is well designed it will allow a potential customer to visualise and understand a product and appreciate the reasons to make a purchase.


Packaging is also vitally important when it comes to clearly stating important details about a product. This could include everything from key benefits and endorsements to details such as ingredients and safety warnings, all important in a promotional and legal sense.

With the advancement of new technologies such as QR codes, packaging also offers consumers the opportunity to engage with your brand on new, digital platforms such as social media.

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