Branding and Packaging – How to Get the Two to Work in Harmony

Over recent years, as the world has become increasingly fast paced and competitive, product packaging design has grown to be an essential tool that all must make use of to increase awareness of their brand, communicate their values and stand out from the competition. It is important to remember that a brand is only ever as good as its marketing efforts – even if you produce better products than your market competitors, without creating effective packaging that catches the eye of your target audience, they will never know that your product is the best.

Such is the pace of the world we live in, on average, you have even less than 9 seconds to catch a potential customer’s eye and convince them to make the purchase. To successfully engage your target market, it is essential that your brand and packaging work together to create a positive response. Effective packaging should combine powerful shelf impact, eye-catching aesthetics and branding and in some cases, further sensory triggers, through feel, sound, or even smell and taste.

What should successful branded packaging do?

  • Get your point across – Your packaging should be able to give your target audience a sense of your brand, your brand story and core values, as well as promising what your product (and brand) can do for them. Branding is an essential part of packaging design and your brand message should be very visual, without overpowering the actual product that you are trying to sell.
  • Show your personality – As well as getting your message across, creative packaging design should also allow you to communicate your brand personality. In such a competitive environment, your target are much more likely to buy products from a brand that they like and trust, so it is essential for you to present a brand personality that customers can identify with. For example, if your brand is concerned with saving the environment, you should put this across on your packaging. It may be that your brand is all about creating enjoyment for the customer and this is equally as important for you to communicate to your target audience.
  • Make sure your branding has a visual impact – Both through the design of your packaging and brand logo, and the wording that you use, you can separate your branded products from competitors on the same shelf or display. A strong brand design alone can draw in your target audience; if your brand is instantly recognisable, they will automatically look to your product if they are aware of your brand.
  • Make sure you include a powerful call to action – By including a strong call to action, making an important point about your brand and product, you let your target audience know why they should by from you. Remember, when you are making selling points, be sure to be completely honest – don’t make promises that you can’t back up.

If you feel that your current branded packaging isn’t as effective as it should be or if you need help getting your branding and packaging to work together in harmony, call the Packaging Experts on 01256 352 415.

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