Why Software Packaging Is Still Important In Today’s Cloud Environment

There is no doubt that the cloud environment is expanding every day, allowing us to store important data on a network of internet hosted servers. With the introduction of cloud technology, software from big companies like Microsoft and Adobe can increasingly be downloaded straight from the internet without the need for an installation CD, DVD or USB stick. In addition to software, audio and video files can easily be downloaded from the internet, straight to a computer.

Whilst cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, the belief that all software, audio and video packaging will no longer be needed is a common misconception. Although a lot of software from big companies will move over to download, this is not necessarily the case for many new software problems that don’t have the same strength of brand as the big companies.

To get a foothold in the software market, rather than simply promoting digital downloads, it’s essential that software companies also present their products in a physical way. By developing innovative, eye catching software packaging and brand consistent POS, software companies stand much more of a chance in being competitive in their particular market.

Whilst in-store promotion is no doubt essential for many software products, as businesses require very specific and extensive software, rather than looking online for downloads, they will likely look to buy specialist software packages directly from software providers.

At The Packaging Experts, we are highly experienced in creating bespoke software packaging solutions for a wide range of products. Common applications of software packaging include:

  • Retail Packs – For software products such as CDs, DVDs and USBs that are destined to be sold on the retail shelf, packaging must be eye catching and consistent with its branding. The most common style of packaging for in-store presentations is a simple, yet effective carton that is tucked in at the top and bottom, produced in cardboard. This design allows for branding to be used to its maximum potential.
  • Business to Business Software Packaging – For business to business software packaging, whilst it is important to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing, functionality is more important. A pizza style cardboard box is commonly used, as this design is simple, streamlined and ideal for posting.
  • High Value Software – For high value software, for example, computer games or creative software, aesthetics and functionality are equally as important. In most cases, a more rigid cardboard material is used, combined with glossy images and print, creating a unique item with a custom made feel. For many customers, high quality packaging can help them to feel that they are getting value for money. By producing high value software packaging, customers are much more likely to have a positive purchasing experience.

In addition to promoting digital downloadable software, if you are looking for ways to maximise the promotion of your software products in store or business to business, please contact us by calling 01256 352 415 or by emailing info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk and our experts will be glad to assist you.


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