How Your Packaging Can Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

Some of the best branded packages come from companies who have been able to effectively communicate their message, and appeal to their target audience. Simply sticking a product in a plain, brown cardboard box is a thing of the past. Companies should ensure that their brand is noticeable at every opportunity – especially when it comes to packaging.

Reflect Your Business

The design of your packaging should accurately reflect your company logo, corporate colours or any slogans you may have. Using identifiable elements like this will help your customer remember you. Whilst many businesses may take ideas from what others have done – it is important to make sure that you keep ideas original, to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Using High Quality Materials

Packaging your product in solid, high quality materials will show your customer that you don’t compromise on even the smallest of things. As soon as they see your brand name on the box, they will know it’s your company, and this will help the recipient realise that you are a recognisable brand.

How Your Packaging Can Stand Out From the Crowd

Product packaging boxes which are branded with your company logo, can have various designs and images to compliment it. You could even make the packaging seasonal, and have festive themes for Christmas or Easter for example. Simple things like easy-to-read writing, bright colours and many other simple elements will also help to distinguish you from the competition. For example, you could also consider the following:

  • Having white cardboard instead of the usual brown
  • Using imagery on the box rather than just lettering
  • Include protective elements to ensure products won’t be damaged

Focus On the Market You Are Targeting

Focusing on your target market could help you to develop ideas specifically for that audience, rather than to a wider one, as you could risk appealing to no one. Think about what your customer will want from you – it’s all about how the package ‘talks’ to the customer in the buyers journey. There are many other elements and designs you could use to really grab the attention of your customers, such as:

  • Embossing/debossing – which will make writing stand out from the page as a raised impression
  • Thermography – this uses heat to product raised characters using thick ink dusted with powder, which is then heated to weld it into the packaging
  • Foil Blocking – this gives a metallic look and is similar to a stamp
  • Spot UV – this can make areas of your design stand out, and works by adding to a printed job along with a matt laminate, to enhance the shine of the Spot UV.

Being innovative with your designs can help customers distinguish you from your competition. If you can get your packaging right, your reputation will only grow.

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