Don’t let bad packaging design ruin your brand

Effective product packaging doesn’t just need to look good, it needs to function properly too. After all, a box with dents and scuffs often ends up lingering on the shelf or being returned.

Consumers now expect the highest quality packaging that fulfils a number of key things. Here, we investigate how you can ensure that your packaging passes muster.

  1. Pick the right materials for the job

There’s nothing worse than buying something online and it arriving crumpled, scuffed or broken. It’s easy to see how this can create a negative first impression and lead to a loss of revenue. Not only do you have to replace the items the customer has purchased, but you could lose a customer for life.

Choosing packaging that’s fit for purpose can give a positive impression of your brand and increase the likelihood of return custom. Research from Smithers Pira, the worldwide authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, found that nearly two thirds of consumers would be put off by a product if it had damaged packaging.

Packaging for ecommerce

  1. Pick the right sized packaging

Packaging that fits your product perfectly can give a seamlessly professional finish, but putting your goods in a box that’s too big or small can look shoddy and lead to breakages. This can lead to an unhappy customer and even more expense.

  1. Think about the impression you want to give

When it comes to design, nothing rings truer than the phrase ‘keep it simple stupid’. Keep your design clean cut, clear and to the point. Packaging that has slogans slapped all over it and a hodge podge of colours, not only looks disorganised but can confuse the consumer.

Make your product stand out on the shelf through expertly designed packaging. Although doing it yourself can be a cheaper option, it’s not necessarily the best route to go down if you’re after an expert finish.

  1. Consider shelf impact

When your product is on the shelves, it will be mingled in with hundreds of competitors. Because of this, your packaging needs to stand out from the crowd and offer something a little different. Have all your competitors gone for a particular colour scheme? Similar imagery? If so, picking something completely different can mean that your product is prominent and more likely to catch a consumer’s attention.

  1. Choose the right carrier

There are many different postage providers and each one has their own set of positives and negatives. To protect your packaging and your product, do your research on which provider is most suited to your requirements and less likely to damage your goods and their wrapping.

At The Packaging Experts, we create bespoke packaging solutions and can work with any volume requirement or budget. To discuss how we can help with your packaging requirements, or inject some summer into your brand, call us today on: 01256 352 415.


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