Inject a summer vibe into your business packaging

With summer almost here and many of us feeling brighter, there’s no better time to update your business packaging with a clean, fresh, vibrant feel.

While some brands may have a natural leaning to being promoted in the summer, such as ice cream and barbecue foods, others may not. That’s why it’s especially important to look at ways of injecting a touch of summer into your product packaging. Here, we look at the top ways that this can be achieved.

  1. Colour

Pantone’s summer colours for 2017 are light, bright and playful. We’re particularly fond of Yellow, Orange and Process Blue, which really do represent the burning sunshine and subdued evening sea. Use these colours to bring a splash of the beach to your packaging, while making it come across as playful, happy and energetic.

Pantone Summer Colours

  1. Imagery

It’s not just Christmas that can use creative imagery to stir up notions of season. By having a brainstorm on summer and your product, you can probably come up with some fitting imagery that can be used on your seasonal packaging.

  1. Smells

When you think of summer, what smells spring to mind? People spend a lot more time outdoors during the summer, which brings with it a lot more smells. From floral scents to barbecues to lemons and limes, adding scent technology to your packaging can add a whole new world of novelty.

  1. Add a touch of foil

Foil finishing isn’t just used for Christmas. Rose gold and bronze have become extremely popular over the last year, and by adding it to your summer packaging, you can ensure that your brand stays on trend.

  1. Glitter it up!

Perfect for highlighting bright and playful packaging, glitter is a must have for any products targeting the younger generations and would look great glistening in the summer sun.

At The Packaging Experts, we create bespoke packaging solutions and can work with any volume requirement or budget. To discuss how we can help with your packaging requirements, or inject some summer into your brand, call us today on: 01256 352 415.

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