How Brands can use their Packaging Design to Engage with Potential Customers

When you want to sell your product or promote your brand, your product packaging is an important vehicle to enable you to reach the right audience with your message. But today we live in a world where nothing stands still, so how can modern brands keep up with progress and have the right conversations with the right people?

There’s no disguising the fact that brands will need to work hard to engage potential customers, particularly in this high-speed age where instant technology has made us all impatient, killing off much brand loyalty in the process.

It is no longer enough to consider the shelf appeal of the front of your packaging, as what happens when customers order their shopping online and it comes to the front door upside down in a carrier bag? How engaged will the consumer be when faced with the bottom of the packaging rather than the front which you have spent all your time designing?

Brands need to think about the packaging life cycle and how to engage people throughout this process, from the point at which consumers purchase or receive the product, to the moment when they throw the packaging away or put it out for recycling.

Here at The Packaging Experts we engineer our packaging excellence in cardboard, which means that a lot of our work will be destined for the recycling mill. Think about the potential conversation you could have with your recipients or consumers not only at the point of purchase but right up until they put the packaging out for recycling. For example, if you want to be known as an environmentally considerate brand, messaging and imagery within your packaging design to reinforce this and encourage people to recycle your packaging will help to instil your name in their minds as a ‘green’ brand.

From our experience in delivering branded packaging for a wide range of products, from fun items to luxury produce, here are our top tips for creating designs that will engage your audience:

  • Be clear on the point you are trying to get across – make your message compelling and not just on the front of your packaging
  • Tell a compelling story – about your brand
  • Be different and memorable – do something that will get people talking
  • Help the consumer to use or engage with your product by displaying clear instructions
  • Fulfil your social and corporate responsibility – by encouraging people to recycle your packaging if this is possible

Consider that most products are pretty meaningless without their packaging, as it is this design which helps the consumer differentiate between one product and another. However, it is not just a case of having shelf impact, but having a lasting impact and building a conversation with your consumer, because it is only through doing this that you stand a chance of retaining their brand loyalty.

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