What’s new in brand packaging?

The world of brand packaging is constantly changing with new innovations coming onto the market. This is hardly surprising as packaging has always been about making an impact and standing out from the crowd. Customers have ever higher expectations to ensure they remain loyal to a brand. With more innovative materials becoming available, brand packaging really knows no limits.

Packaging with enhanced sensory cues for example has proved to be really successful for a number of products. Focusing on the look of the packaging is an industry given, but many leading brand packaging companies now give as much attention to the other senses in order to build a strong link with the customer:

  • the feel of the product to the touch
  • the sound that emanates from the packaging
  • the taste experience

The environment and consumer concerns for it, have also become more of a packaging consideration recently. More and more consumers are becoming sustainably-minded. This means they are heavily influenced by the environmental impact of the packaging because this is the first thing they see when receiving the product. Thus sustainable packaging can have a positive influence on their future purchase decision making.

The ever developing world of e-commerce has probably had the greatest influence on brand packaging in recent years however. We have all become e-consumers, and some of us far more than others. The ability to make the brand packaging lightweight, versatile and easily deliverable through a letterbox has become a key design consideration for many brands.

Whilst innovations in packaging are interesting, and can and do influence the market, it is equally important to get the basics right, and continue to do the things you do well, well. For example, good brand packaging will always focus on the following basics:

  • Ensure that the functionality of the packaging is superior, protecting the product by keeping it safe and intact.
  • Good product information should always be clear to the eye, and help to make the product attractive to buy.
  • Be original, stand out from the crowd, but make sure your branding always reflects your business

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