What makes a good retail packaging design? – 5 Top Tips

Packaging for retail is a very competitive market and there are many good companies that provide design services to help you promote your brand and increase sales. A professional service will be able to give you advice and assistance about the best design and packaging for your product, but here are some basic principles that are worth remembering. Below are my top 5 tips:

Tip number 1 – Make it Simple

In just a handful of seconds, the average consumer will have decided that they want your product or they will have dismissed it and moved on. First impressions count and they need to know two things very quickly-what is the product and who makes it? A product can look absolutely fantastic in terms of design but unless the consumer can identify what it is and whether it is made by a company they know or trust they will move swiftly on. So keep it simple. Make the design simple and clear- what and who are you?

Tip number 2 – Make it Practical

If you are starting afresh with the design of your retail packaging, take the opportunity to look at what is the best practical solution before making any other decisions. By this I mean making the product easy to use, easy to carry and easy to store or display. A practical design can still be innovative.

Tip number 3 – Be Different

With the vast amount of choice that we now all have as consumers it may be quite a hard task to make your retail packaging stand out from the crowd. A starting place is to look at your competitors and evaluate the full range of the market. Look for a niche. If everyone is using modern packaging, then maybe look at something more retro. If other brands are full of bright colour, consider monochrome or muted colours. Within the marketplace you can make your packaging a useful point of difference.

Tip number 4 – Don’t Deceive

It goes without saying that we all value honesty and integrity. Make sure this value is associated with your brand and make sure the packaging you choose is honest and clear. The last thing you want is for the product inside the packaging to disappoint the customer. They won’t buy it again.

Tip number 5 – Plan for the Future

Have a long term plan for the design of your product’s packaging – keep the future in mind. If you extend the range you have on offer, or diversify, you may want to be able to rely on the same style and design with your packaging, and it then has to work with all your products.

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