Luxury packaging – five things to consider

Creating luxury packaging that looks great and does what it’s supposed to takes time and careful consideration.

After all, it’s not just a company’s chance to impress a client – it also confirms that the customer has made a good choice and encourages repeat business.

In order to create the wow factor, there are a number of things that need to be considered before producing luxury packaging:

1. Give a clear brief

How do you want your customer to feel when they open your product? What impression do you want to make? How much do you want to spend?

These are all key questions you will need to ask yourself when you are writing a brief for your packaging company.

If you’re unsure of what you want, make sure that you work with an expert packaging maker who can ask you the right questions in order to create a killer packaging product.

2. Use the right materials

If you’re going for a luxury finish, picking the cheapest provider and materials is a false economy. There’s no point in having a luxuriously designed box, only for it to be made from flimsy card that will fall apart.

By using high end production materials that radiate quality, you are likely to see a return on investment from repeat purchases. In addition, if your packaging is so unusual or luxurious, the customer may want to use it for other things – keeping your brand front of mind for longer.

3. Testing

Building a mock up allows you to go through the customer experience yourself, experiencing all of the elements that build a first impression. From appearance to how the packaging feels and lasts, every detail counts.

4. The transportation of goods

Have you considered how your luxury products will be transported to your customers? Bumps and scuffs can eradicate a sense of luxury, so giving this thought early on in the process can ensure that your packaging is designed and protected accordingly.

5. Keep the environment in mind

More than ever, consumers want to support the environmental agenda and keep their carbon footprint down. Work with your packaging provider to create beautiful designs that use recyclable materials.

Cardboard packaging offers the perfect solution – stylish, reasonably priced and easy to recycle.

At The Packaging Experts, we use our experience in design, production, sales and marketing to produce beautiful, functional and quality packaging that exceeds expectations every time.

We mainly create bespoke solutions and can work with any volume or budget. To discuss how we can help with your luxury packaging needs, call us today on: 01256 352415 or email:


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