Why Packaging is your Silent Salesman

When you think about selling your product, the first thing that will probably come to mind is your sales team. It is these driven individuals who will make all the right inroads into all of the right markets to get your product into the right hands, but this team is not made up of people alone. Your packaging is the silent member of your sales team – with no input to have on those big selling decisions but all the same, a key driver of sales – and in this department, figures speak volumes.

Whilst your sales team can be on the phone calling potential customers or at an event to speak to anyone who might be interested in your product, the one place they can’t be is on the shelf next to the competition. It is here that the silent and arguably most powerful member of your sales team can step into action.

Today’s marketplace is very different from in the past. Consumers are very much on the go these days and when presented with a busy shelf of products will need to be able to cut through all the noise to find your brand. This means your packaging has to speak for your product and do so really effectively if you want to be chosen ahead of the competition.

So, how can your silent salesmen earn their money?

  • By having the right shape – whether this means conforming to the industry standard and doing what has always worked well for the big brands, or standing out from the crowd and daring to do something different, the shape of your packaging needs to work well for your product. The shape you choose will have a lot to do with aesthetics but you’ll also need to factor in practicality, storage and ease of use if you want packaging that supports your product and adds value beyond the sale of your product.
  • By being attractive – it is said that the consumer’s interest can be grabbed from up to twelve feet away, so this is packaging’s chance to draw attention to your product. Bright colours, familiar icons and branding work well in this initial eye-catching phase and can help you to get the consumer closer to the shelf and more into the sales zone. Once they get within three feet of your product, your packaging can really do its stuff and start selling your product. Unusual shapes, good use of colour and interesting graphics will push all the right buttons in this zone. Finally, as the consumer steps into the conversion zone, they will be very close to your product and will probably have picked it up and have it in their hands. Here they are looking to your packaging to deliver the right message and information that speaks to their needs.
  • By being the best quality – whatever the nature of your product from basic to luxury, it will never do your brand any harm to invest in the best quality packaging. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive but just demonstrate attention to detail – for example, has your packaging given the consumer everything it needs to in terms of information, does it feel pleasant to hold in the hands – i.e. are there no sharp, jagged edges and is it comfortable to carry and does it look as though it has been carefully thought out?

Investing time now in your packaging design, means you can deliver the best sales pitch on the shelf.

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