Making the Little Details Count with Premium Packaging

No matter how large or small a package may be, creating a memorable customer experience should be the focus of its design. Be rid of your dull brown cardboard packaging and invest some of your time and marketing budget into premium packaging.

Our premium packaging aims to please all the senses, to give customers a real feel for your brand. With luxury packaging products, we can incorporate tempting textures, captivating creatives and even sweet scents. This will create a memorable aroma for your customers to be reminded of you by, all by opening a box.

Discover the importance of making the little details count with premium packaging below.

Creating the Wow Factor

When pay day finally arrives and you can checkout your online basket which you have filled over the last week, the excitement for your delivery begins. As a brand, build on that customer excitement by creating innovative packaging for the wow factor.

Whether you want speakers for music, videos to introduce your new collection or tiny spotlights, our team can do it. If successful, this can spark word-of-mouth marketing to increase your brand awareness within your target or similar audiences.

Showing a Competitive Edge

By including your product packaging in the shopping experience, you can separate yourself from competitors. More importantly, it can position your brand above competitors for PR opportunities.

Be creative and quite literally think outside of the box. Plan how can you elevate your product with premium packaging design, worthy of repeat business and word of mouth exposure.

Creating a Luxury Brand

With premium packaging you can really add a sense of luxury behind your brand, worthy of higher price tags. Many consumers will expect high quality, reliable products but will think much more highly of your brand. It can also be much easier to become a household name, when you can meet or exceed customer expectations.

Environmental Impact

Research by YouGov reported that 46% of UK shoppers feel guilty about their use of plastic*. This is leading to a more environmentally conscious change in shopper habits. With this in mind, consider how you can avoid throwaway packaging.

Using luxury packaging products to create something multi-functional can encourage more shoppers to repurpose their packaging, whether this is for storage, home décor or to protect their new purchase among their other belongings. Don’t forget environmentally friendly features, such as sustainable shipping and biodegradable materials.


For special deliveries, adding accessories to help customers use or style your products can boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. You could also provide small free samples of your latest products, so they can try before they buy, thus, encouraging future purchases.

Enquire about Premium Packaging

For premium packaging, our team at The Packaging Experts are here to help. Our luxury packaging products offer extravagant branding and high-quality productions. Integrated video screens, pearlescent varnishes and thermochromic heat reveal prints are just a few of many premium packaging projects we have worked on.

To make an enquiry, please get in touch with our team.

*Half of UK consumers willing to pay more to avoid plastic packaging, The Guardian,

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