Personalised Retail Packaging

Who hasn’t heard of the egg that has a milk chocolate layer on the outside and a white chocolate layer on the inside. It is of course the Kinder Egg. Originated in Italy back in 1974 and has been a family favourite worldwide ever since. Which is why we are so excited to share this with you and to have worked with this prestigious brand.

We were approached by Kinder to fulfil an unusual request all in time for Christmas. The aim was to create the perfect gift for both children and adult Kinder fans and the requirement was to design a box for their Giant Christmas Egg. Yes, you heard right, Giant Christmas Eggs!

Now more about the box, not just any box, but a box that can be personalised in store while you wait. In addition to this, it needed to house the delicate egg precisely to prevent damage to the contents and at the same time attract the customer to the brand which we know and love. Since this was an edible product, we worked with laboratories to ensure that the chocolate and its flavour weren’t compromised when applying the ink to the box and flavour taint tests were undertaken to ensure we could go ahead.

We got to work to ensure a suitable printer and ink was sourced specially for the job. This was important as personalisation can only be done when you visit the John Lewis store in Oxford Street London. You can see this printer in action when you visit the personalisation station on the 3rd floor Christmas village, the perfect setting if you ask me.  It was a pleasure to work on this and definitely had us in the festive mood throughout the project.

Here at the packaging experts we couldn’t help but go and see it in action for ourselves, bringing home one of the final products (or ten)! I mean who wouldn’t want to receive a boxed egg with their name on it or even ‘Mummy, ‘Daddy’ or ‘Elf’? With over 270,000 name options to choose from, there is something for everyone. The hardest job for you now is deciding who to buy for.

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