Product Packaging and Next Generation Retail – How Brands Can Engage With the Consumer

In recent years, the UK retail environment has seen massive changes in terms of consumer purchasing habits and behaviour. A big part of this can be attributed to the continued advances in digital and mobile technology, with shoppers more technologically inclined than ever before. Consumers are becoming increasingly impatient as they are used to making purchases at the click of a button and taking advantage of fast delivery times; as a result, today’s shoppers are also more impatient in store and have little time to spend analysing product packaging.

The bottom line is that in 2016, brands must do more to ensure that their product packaging speaks to the consumer and catches their interest:

Embrace digital

Digital goes further than just online shopping. Brands must take advantage of digital technology to help make their product packaging more engaging and interactive. For example, by providing QR codes on packaging, brands immediately provide extra product information for the consumer. Shoppers like to make well informed decisions, so taking advantage of the opportunity to provide more information is essential.

Be green

The millennial generation, who make up a large share of today’s market, have very strong views about a brand’s responsibilities to the environment, including their choice of packaging materials. Whilst green product packaging materials are important, brands should take advantage of the potential for packaging recycling. As well as using biodegradable or recyclable materials, forward thinking brands are also creating packaging designs that can be used multiple times. For example, packaging can be a practical tool, for example a dispenser for food or gardening products.

Be clear with your communication

Millennial consumers don’t like to spend a lot of time in a store, so it’s important that product packaging is eye catching and clearly communicates with shoppers what they need to know. As different product packaging competes for the shopper’s attention, it’s important to be clear and get rid of the clutter so people know exactly what they are buying. Clean labelling and clear communication on packaging form an important part of buying decisions.


With the growth of online shopping, packaging will play an even bigger role in in-store shopping and engaging with future consumers. Whilst packaging that embraces digital technology and eco-friendly materials is very important to Millennials, the younger Generation Z have grown up in a digital, mobile world where the environment is a major concern, so demand will continue to increase.

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