The Boxes Product Packaging Needs to Tick

At The Packaging Experts, over the years we have gathered a unique insight into the world of product packaging. This has helped us to develop expertise in the area. The packaging of a product requires careful thought and consideration. Although a flexible area with plenty of choice available, there certainly are some do’s and don’ts for your packaging that you might wish to think about.

As consumers we have many choices to make. Products are plentiful and there has to be a method in the way we choose what we choose. Marketing professionals have many opinions on this but most agree that the packaging of a product is definitely key to much of its’ success. At all times you need to ensure that your packaging says what your brand stands for what your brand means to your customer.

Making your packaging memorable so that it stands out from the competition is one of the most important aspects you should focus on. It is said that a customer makes a decision about which product to select in a matter of 4 seconds or less, so in that in a short space of time you need to be able to convey why your brand is best. With so many different types of packaging out there this is quite a complex area to get right. However, one tip would be to look at the direct competition and find your point of difference within the marketplace. If all your competitors have big and bold packaging, you may want to look at something smaller and simpler.

This links in with a further key consideration – that of keeping it nice and simple. Simplicity can be quite hard to achieve. There is a fine balance between being simple and being dull. Simple does not mean bland or without colour however. It just means taking out the unnecessary clutter.

Knowing your market will make all of your choices easier. Who are you aiming to sell to? There will, for example, be a big difference between packaging that appeals to a man in his sixties and packaging that would appeal to a teenage girl. Make sure that the text you use on the packaging is eye catching and succinct but still says everything you need it to say. Less really does say more. In addition, what, if any, are the types of pictures that would appeal? Photos can be a very effective way of communicating the essentials of a product and they minimise the need for words.

These are just some ideas to consider when looking at packaging. If you are looking for something that makes the most of your brand then call us at The Packaging Experts on 01256 352415. We have a passion about packaging that we would like to share with you!


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