What to Consider When Packaging Your Product 

Packaging is vital to the life and delivery of a product and is arguably just as important as the product itself. As well as allowing the product to serve its end purpose, packaging forms the front-facing image of your business and significantly communicates your values and services. There are a number of factors that can influence the way a product is packaged and how the packaging should be designed. Minimising any risks to products whilst maintaining consumer-friendly and appealing packaging that is representative of your brand, is the aim to keep in mind when packaging your product. Here are some of the key things to consider when deciding on the packaging of products for your business:

What is the Product and who is it for?

Considering the function of the product and its intended use will enable you to decide on how your packaging can facilitate this. What is the size and weight of the product? A larger, heavier item may need enforced secondary packaging, using corrugated boxes or stronger materials. Is it a delicate product that will need more protective covering? It is worth investing in packaging that will guarantee the safe delivery of expensive items, especially technological devices that may easily shatter or incur damage. Protective wrapping or durable packaging materials will also be beneficial for unusually shaped products with sharp edges or those made of metals or harder materials. Are there multiple parts to the product that will benefit from being packaged separately? There are a multitude of other ways the specifications of a product affects the packaging used; looking to accommodate the use of a product will help you decide on the best type of packaging needed.

Reviewing who the intended consumer of the product will be, i.e., looking at target audience demographics and what industry you are operating in is crucial for packaging your product practically, suitably and in a way that will appeal to the market. An item sent straight to the consumer will need to be packaged with their needs and your business offerings in mind, whether an item of food needing nutritional information displayed on the packaging in a supermarket, or a beauty product needing attractive packaging to appeal to the buyer. If products are for industrial use or are being sent to a warehouse for storage, design may be less of an influencing factor than the performance of the packaging.

Transportation and Distribution

Getting your product to arrive in the right hands safely and with minimal impairment can be difficult as there may be many aspects dependent on actions which cannot be directly accounted for. You need to consider how the packaging will be affected if products are sent directly, from the manufacturer to the customer or retail outlet, or if they will be initially sent to a warehouse or storage and distribution facility. The length and processes involved in the journey to the consumer will determine how durable and protective the product packaging or secondary packaging will need to be. Another point to consider is what mode they will be transported by, such as rail, truck, or third party postal services.

Storage and Sustainability

Another important consideration is how, where and how long the products will be stored. These factors will massively impact upon the materials and processes used to produce the most effective packaging solutions. Items such as food that may need to be stored in a cold environment will need packaging that can reduce condensation and prevent spoilage. For products stored outdoors, durable and strong packaging may be required to shield the products contained from weathering and damage from the environment.

The end life of the product packaging should be worth considering, especially when choosing the materials. Do you want your packaging to be environmentally sustainable? What are the cost implications of using certain packaging options and how can packaging be most efficient and financially sustainable for your business?

How Can Your Product Packaging Improve Sales?

Brand identity is key to the delivery and consumption of a product, and as stated the design of your chosen packaging is in some cases crucial to the value of the product itself. Well branded packaging can help you stand out from competitors and is a great marketing tool to increase customer reach. If being sold in a retail environment, where will your products be displayed? What message do you want your packaging to convey? Consider innovative packaging designs which aid the ease of use of the buyer, as well as providing additional benefits. Packaging can function as a promotional or informative tool, or provide further use for the consumer once the product has been unwrapped or opened. The factors of design are such important considerations, and focusing on the end goal of the product should guide you when producing the most effective packaging.

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