The Packaging Experts’ Roundup: Top Packaging Design Guides 2015

The Packaging Experts’ Roundup: Top Packaging Guides 2015

With a new product ready to hit the shelves, your packaging should act to attract consumers to the product, inform with key details and persuade the overall purchasing decision. Many companies may overlook a product’s packaging design as secondary to the product itself, however, the right packaging is instrumental in ensuring products get onto retailers’ shelves and into the hands of consumers.

As shoppers we are reactive, and often make decisions purely at the point of purchase. We instinctively seek vibrant, original and interesting detailing that appeals to our senses and makes us want to find out more. Packaging is not just a device to display product information, it is an ultimate embodiment of the product it contains, your branding and the message you want to communicate to your customers. Yet your design needs also to consider its functional and practical purpose, as it needs to withstand storage, transportation and the selling environment whilst protecting your product.

With these many considerations the most important stage when creating stand-out packaging fit for purpose, is the initial specification and planning. In our many years’ experience The Packaging Experts team have developed thousands of unique packaging solutions to impel the purchasing process, from the product’s uptake by buyers to customer conversions, using our extensive knowledge in production and creative design. We help businesses at each stage turn their product packaging conceptions into a fully finished product, whether a single sample unit or a full scale business to consumer campaign.


Helping You along Your Packaging Journey

We pride ourselves on our innovative packaging solutions, and use the latest industry insights, techniques and technologies, to adapt our offering to what your consumers are looking for and what best ways we can bring your products to life.

This year we’ve looked at providing some helpful starting points when approaching your new packaging projects. Here we roundup some of our must see guides that will inspire your ideas about packaging your products:

We regularly update our blog with exciting news, latest projects and useful tips to make sure your packaging engages with the right audience. If you’d like more advice along your packaging journey or would like to discuss your specific technical and branding requirements, we’d be happy to help. Simply give us a call on 01256 352415, or contact the team by emailing


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