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Creative Packaging Ideas for Products

For any company that makes their profits from selling products, product packaging should be a huge part of their marketing mix. As people, we are drawn to things visually; our brain can translate images much faster than it can text. With this in mind, it’s important that brands do what they can to capture the...
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Using bespoke packaging features to increase brand awareness

Appearance is a huge factor in what is known as ‘the buyer’s journey’ in the marketing world. From the packaging right through to the actual product itself, a customer will make a judgement on your brand. To make the transition from using a standard, plain box to using a bespoke packaged box could really be...
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Why packaging is important for successful marketing

Your product is important to you as it will reflect the type of business you have, and you will have created it to the best of your ability. Products are original and come in different forms, so your packaging should also be the same. Having good packaging is a great way to deliver your brand to...
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How Packaging Design Influences Purchasing Decisions

The way that you design your product packaging will have a big impact on how that product performs in a retail environment. The various elements of your packaging will represent not only your brand but the product inside, communicating vital information with your target audience about what that product can do for them. So how can...
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5 Ways Brands Can Be Innovative With Their Packaging in 2015

The way that we connect with brands today is constantly changing. As we move forward in time, packaging design grows to be more challenging, but also more innovative and exciting than ever before. Packaging is a more powerful marketing tool in 2015 than ever before, so it is essential that brands make the most of...
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Christmas Packaging Tips

Christmas Packaging Tips from our Experts As experienced cardboard engineers with expertise in the field of packaging, we know a thing or two about presenting things, which is why we thought it highly relevant to share our tips and views on Christmas packaging – just in time for your own marathon, late-night wrapping sessions! Trust in humble...
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Creative Retail Packaging Solutions

Top Tips for Creative Retail Packaging Solutions No matter what your product is, don’t underestimate the importance of retail packaging; it could make or break your product, if not your company. Big name brands use up massive allocations of their marketing budget to make sure they get all retail packaging solutions just right. Even if you...
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Product packaging Design in the Marketing Strategy

What Role Does Product Packaging Design Play In Your Marketing Strategy? Although arguably one of the most, if not the most important element of marketing your products, in many cases product packaging design is also the most overlooked. Even after spending so long developing your product and delving into extensive market research to get a clear...
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What Makes your Luxury Packaging Luxurious?

What Makes your Luxury Packaging Luxurious? At this time of year when we’re all thinking about spending a small fortune on Christmas presents and enjoying the little luxuries in life, it’s the perfect time to consider what it is that makes your high-end products stand out and get recognised for the luxury items that they are. Luxury...
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